Kwon's Champion School SUMMER CAMP - Safe & Exciting

Whether you are signing up for one week or up to eleven weeks, Kwons Champion School Summer Camps offer a safe, exciting, and educational experience for children. Each camp offers a unique experience by providing four different ways to keep your child having fun, learning, and building positive character traits: field trips; games and crafts; martial arts training; and leadership training.

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Fun Field Trips

There will be many field trips each week. The fun may start with an exciting, educational visit to Grandmasters school and end with lunch at the park or a round of Putt-Putt golf. Some of the places we are planning to visit this year include Grandmasters School, Movie Theater, Library, Chuck E Cheese, Laser Tag, Bowling, the Pool for supervised swimming, and many others!

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Games and Crafts

Games are endless! There are so many exciting educational games and activities, including lots of games which are just plain fun, that it is impossible to list them all. Both indoor and outdoor games are designed to enhance cooperation, teamwork, and leadership skills. The Arts and Crafts are designed to be age appropriate and will help develop fine motor skills, teamwork, and creativity as well as the joy of accomplishment. From the scavenger hunts to architecture projects, everyone is sure to have a GREAT time.

Martial Arts Training

Students will enjoy a large variety of punching and kicking techniques from different martial arts along with a chance to try them out on various pieces of safe training equipment. Theyll learn self-defense skills and safely play martial arts games. Whether from our reflex-sharpening drills or our obstacle course, students receive plenty of exercise and will be ready at the end of the day for some quality time with the family. Training in our combination martial arts provides a constructive outlet for the extra energy kids have while promoting health and developing physical fitness. Beyond that, our martial arts program lays the foundation for our leadership training.


"I write this note with enthusiastic agreement from my wife, Wendy. Our daughter, Natalie, has participated in your summer program for the past several years. And, she loves it! Not only does Natalie enjoy the camp, I most emphatically say that her parents enjoy it as well. First and foremost, Natalie has fun. Additionally, she continues her "life education" by learning and practicing leadership skills, good manners and team work. The balance of fun and "life learning" along with the variety of entertaining and educational field trips is a real treat. Thank you so much for providing such a great experience!"



Brian Kulick


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"Kwon's Champion School is a great summer camp for the children. They have a lot of activities that make the camp a fun place for the children. Kwon's Champion School also incorporates activities like reading time and martial art training. My son, Will, loves going to Kwon's summer camp. He looks forward to it and spends his whole summer there. Will has been going to summer camp for the last three years. He enjoys the swimming, watching movies and the visits to Grandmaster's studio. Will's favorite activity is Hwardo dodging. The summer camp has given him the opportunity to meet new friends. There seems to be an activity for everyone. Master Kwon is a warm and caring person and is very good with the children. He is an excellent teacher and the children respond well to him. I leave Will at Kwon's Champion School Summer Camp with no worries about his welfare and at pick-up, he always seems happy."


Lisa Miller


""My wife and I would like to say that our daughter, Natalie, has been attending both your after school and summer camp program for over three (3) years now and, as a result, has become a daughter we are very proud of. She is now ten (10) years old and has gone past her black belt level of training. She is much more disciplined, more physically fit and focused. She has excellent grades in school that we don't think would be possible without the martial arts training and discipline she is receiving from your program. We would recommend the Kwon's Champion School very highly to anyone who would like their child to become more focused and more physically fit and become more disciplined in anything they do in life. The Hwardo training they receive will truly benefit them in many ways. "



Steven Peterson

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This Martial Art Includes:




Taekwondo, Hapkido, Kung Fu, Karate, Kick Boxing, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, and Weapons.


Our training includes adult classes for men and women as well as children's classes.


Also includes: Martial Arts Summer Camp and After School Program



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All our summer school programs follow Virginia Code of Law (§63.2-1715 H 1905). Make payments to our after school programs and deduct them from your taxes. All our staff is CPR and first aid certified for peace of mind.

Grandmaster and the Masters, as well as, all teachers and staff are CPR and First Aid Certified to provide the best care possible and repared for any emergencies.