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Since opening in 1968, Grand Master Kwon has been helping make martial arts a part of your life. Our master is a 10th degree black belt and world champion. We have the best programs for children and adults alike!


We won the Prince William Times Reader's Choice award in 2014!


Any of our program payments are tax deductible for after school and summer camps.

  • Listening better to parents

  • Learning the concentration and patience that will enable them to study better in school

  • Strengthening leadership skills as well as friendships

  • Making good decisions as well as gaining responsibility, confidence, and self-discipline


Take a look at our oath:

  • Respect family and friends.

  • Maintain a good relationship with family.

  • Strive to achieve my best in school and work.

  • Do all things the right way.

  • No taking drugs or other things that may be harmful to me.

  • I will not fight outside or anywhere.

  • Have courage and honesty in everything I do.

  • Always help people in need.

  • I am training to develop a strong mind and body and to learn the art of self-defense


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With a combination of martial arts, Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Kung Fu, Judo, Hap Ki Do, Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, and weapons training, we can help make you more well-rounded and able to defend yourself!


Hwar Do is a way to develop your mind and body. Aside from self-defense, we emphasize growth and character development. Let us help you find positive values, strong and peaceful mind, and leadership skills.


Hwar Do uses the entire body and provides many health benefits. Hwar Do helps in maximizing strength and muscle tone, flexibility, cardiovascular, and respiratory fitness. With progression, we can help you learn the manner best for your age, gender, and fitness level.


We help you strengthen your body to accommodate a wide range of motion, speed, and activities. Defend yourself and keep your body and mind centered. We help you keep your health maintained so you can enjoy life.


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Our highly-experienced instructors have excellence in training and achievement. We uphold models to society in all that we do. All our instructors must pass a specialized training in teaching and pass an examination before being considered for Hwar Do. We always provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere for students to learn!

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