Since opening in 1968, Grand Master Kwon has provided the best martial arts classes and instruction in the area. Our instructors are 10th degree black belts. Grandmaster Kwon is a world champion. We've been awarded the Prince William Reader's Choice Award winner!

In the sparring category, Grandmaster Kwon and Grandmaster Kim made it to the finals. Grandmaster Kwon’s first attack was a kick to the chest and a palm strike simultaneously, knocking down his opponent. That man then stood up, and Grandmaster Kwon put his shin in the back of Grandmaster Kim’s knee to take him down and proceeded to put his foot in a joint lock causing Grandmaster Kim to submit. Grandmaster Kwon weighs 81kg, but he is still able to put his leg behind his neck despite his size. This shocked many people in the audience. Also, the Grandmaster can do this while squatting with the other leg. To do this even once is very difficult for other people, but he can do so over 150 times in a row. Additionally, Grandmaster Kwon conditions his knuckles and the chopping part of his hand, creating tremendous calluses. This allows him to strike a metal punching bag instead of a canvas one. People say that he is so strong and solid that he is like a metal machine. They also said that he is a complete martial artist, mental and spiritual aspects as well. Grandmaster Kwon created the combination martial art Hwar Do and has produced ten video tapes teaching his techniques. He now teaches his art to the public.


The rules for the sparring category were:

  • 2 people chosen from the semi-finals will compete in the finals. The last person standing will be King

  • No height or weight constraints. Also, each martial art does not compete separately, but all together.

  • No-holds-barred. There are no limitations on techniques used except, due to high ranking status of theses competitors, using knuckles is not allowed. However, any other type of hand technique is permitted.

  • 40 minutes continuous sparring is the time limit

  • Ways to win include submission. Knockout or unanimous decision of the judges that the other person cannot intelligently defend themselves.

  • No point system


Grandmaster Kwon was born in South Korea and at the age of five he started his training in martial arts. Following an old Korean tradition, he was asked to deliver food to the neighbors before his cousin’s wedding and had to make a stop at a house with a large, unfriendly dog. In retelling the incident, he said, "After crossing a bridge over a large stream and following the path to the doorway, a snarling dog lunged at me. I instantly dropped the food and began running towards the stream. The dog kept getting closer, and the bridge was too far away, so I jumped right across the large stream. Afterward, I asked my Grandmaster how I was able to do so for I thought that it was impossible for a boy my size to do such a thing. My Grandmaster explained that since it was an emergency that extraordinary strength and energy came out. I asked him why I don't have this ability when I practice, and he told me With more patience, concentration, and hard practice, you can call upon this strength whenever you choose.’ During many difficult days of training I reflected upon the advice of my Grandmaster as I thought about that day before my cousin's wedding and the strength I had to jump across the large stream while running from the dog." As he promised himself, he devoted his life to martial arts training and began to realize the extraordinary human power as his Grandmaster had explained. He then began studying many different styles of martial arts to learn how to wield this power.  Read More

  • Founder of Combination Martial Art Hwar Do

  • 10th Degree Black Belt

  • World Champion - King of the World Martial Arts Championship

  • 9th Deg. Black Belt - Tae Kwon Do (W.T.F. Kuk Ki Won)

  • 10th Degree Black Belt - Hap Ki Do (Korea Hap Ki Do Federation)

  • 9th Deg. Black Belt - Kum Do (International Federation Hae Dong Kum Do)

  • 8th Deg Black Belt - Kung Fu (Korea Kung Fu Association)

  • And other degrees

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"Grandmaster Kwon is a very special man. A 10th degree Black Belt, he is both the founder and president  of a unique combination  of martial arts known as Hwar Do.  Strong, determined and precise in battle, Grandmaster Kwon is also widely known for his special kindness, generosity and gentleness. This apparent paradox – warrior/gentleman – is ideally suited for the expert instruction he and his son provide to thousands who attend his championship school of Hwar Do. Grandmaster Kwon painstakingly inculcates into each of his students the path of respect and benevolence and the importance of a strong mind and body. He admonishes his students to understand that Hwar Do is for self-defense only – never to be used to bully or harass. But if engaged in a fight one would rather have avoided – you win it decisively. My own sons have greatly benefited from the Grandmaster’s superb teaching and from his personal example. Chris, my eldest son is a black belt and is highly capable in the art, while Mike is working his was through the belts. As a matter of fact, Mike, who is co-captain of his high school varsity soccer team, tells me that the Hwar Do discipline of mind and body has significantly enhanced his soccer performance."


Taegu Auditorium, Korea Nov. 13, 1999. This century’s best martial artist came to compete in the speed, power, and sparring categories for the first ever Grandmaster’s King of The World Championship tournament. The winners were speed king: Grandmaster S.G. Dong; Power King: Grandmaster C.T. Goh; Sparring King: Grandmaster H.Y. Kwon.


10th Degree Black Belt World Champion Grandmaster H.Y. Kwon

Master Eric Kwon

Graduated UVA 2001

6th Deg. Black Belt

Grandmaster Kwon

Founder of Combination

Martial Art Hwar Do

Master Tiger Kwon

Full Contact World Champion

7th Deg. Black Belt


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"I know Grandmaster H.Y. Kwon is virtuous, possesses humility, leadership and intelligence. I believe that these are rare traits for one to have in this day in age. Even though he is a martial arts world champion, he shows humbleness and resect to others while personally instructing younger generations in his craft. By doing so, he makes himself an example of righteousness. I would like to recommend Grandmaster H.Y. Kwon so the up and coming generation can learn form his experience and character."

Christopher H. Smith

US Congressman

Grandmaster Joon K. Seong


Seong Martial Arts Academy

Grandmaser HY Kwon

Master Tiger Kwon

Master Eric Kwon