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Hwar Do is the way of a growing mind. It is a combination martial art, a scientific synthesis of the best techniques from Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Kung Fu, Judo, Hap Ki Do, Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, weapons training, and more. This approach of combining the strengths of multiple martial styles makes for a well-rounded student who is better able to defend him- or herself


Hwar Do is an action philosophy, a method for developing both mind and body. Beyond being an effective form of self-defense, Hwar Do training emphasizes personal growth and character development. This style develops strongly-defined positive values, embodied by a strong yet peaceful mind. Students of Hwar Do learn leadership skills and to excel in life.


Additionally, many people train for its health benefits. Because Hwar Do utilizes the whole body, it increases vitality of the whole body, maximizing strength and muscle tone, flexibility, cardiovascular, and respiratory fitness. This unique curriculum, with its step-by-step progression, allows everyone to learn in the manner best for him or her, regardless of age, gender, or current fitness level. Hwar Do creates a strong and healthy body capable of a wide range of motion, speed, and activities. It enables one not only to defend oneself but also teaches the mind and body to stay centered, to move energy through them, to act appropriately, and to maintain health so that one my thoroughly enjoy life and live productively.



"Hwar Do is a stress reliever, a way to stay active, a place to build relationships, and it is always a place for self-improvement."

- Courtney Childs

2nd Degree Black Belt

"Hwar Do is one of the best things that I have undertaken. I am a 61 years old physician and 3rd degree black belt. I began training about seven years ago. As I moved up through each higher colored belt, I felt my body becoming ever stronger and more flexible; and my mind becoming quieter, more focused, and more disciplined. The day that I earned my black belt was a great day!


But, it hasn't stopped there. I have been in black belt training for four years, and with each lesson I find that my abilities continue to improve. Black belt training has helped me hone my skills, and further develop my physical and mental strength and endurance.


I am living proof that you are never too old to begin martial arts training, and Hwar Do is absolutely the best training available."

What is Hwar Do?

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Raymond Crawford


elian_alby don_prater nicolas_lea

"Hwar Do is Training of mind and body that emphasizes strength, speed, accuracy, and discipline, while instilling virtue, respect to help others, and family bonding. I took a couple of different martial arts when I was younger, but it was in Hwar Do where I learned a balanced mixture of many martial arts to defend myself with more of what I have"



Elian Alby

Black Belt

"Hwar Do is a stress reliever, a way to stay active, a place to build relationships, and it is always a place for self-improvement."


Courtney Childs

2nd Degree Black Belt

Courtney Child


Raymond Crawford, MD, MBA

3rd Degree Black Belt

"Hwar Do training has gotten me into physical condition comparable to when I was in the United States Marine Corps"



Don Prater

Black Belt



"I am extremely happy to be learning this combination martial art Hwar Do. Joining Hwar Do was the best decision I have made."


Nicholas Lea

4th Degree Black Belt


"Hwar Do offers each student the opportunity to gain not only physical strength, but also strength of character, integrity, and a chance to lead a life filled with more purpose and meaning."



David Choi, Medical Student

Black Belt


This Martial Art Includes:




Taekwondo, Hapkido, Kung Fu, Karate, Kick Boxing, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, and Weapons.


Our training includes adult classes for men and women as well as children's classes.


Also includes: Martial Arts Summer Camp and After School Program



Chantilly, Centreville, Fairfax, South Riding, Gainesville VA, Ashburn, Bristow, Nokesville, Haymarket, Manassas, Herndon, and Reston

Ithaca, NY

New Columbia, PA

Is Hwar Do the right program for you?