Children Programs

While self-defense is important, Kwon's Champion School designed its children's programs to instill and cultivate the following values:

  • Listening better to parents

  • Learning the concentration and patience that will enable them to study better in school

  • Strengthening leadership skills as well as friendships

  • Making good decisions as well as gaining responsibility, confidence, and self-discipline


Tomorrow's leaders are built today. They develop friendship and camaraderie in a cooperative and safe environment while coming to understand the value of teamwork. We believe that conflict resolution and how to handle stressful situations is best taught early in life. Achievement is a skill we are committed to teaching, and students of Kwon's Champion School learn that striving for excellence is a way of life.


Hwar Do training strengthens and develops the student's body. Each child learns the necessity and benefits of respect for self and others. At our school, we strive to develop in our students the desire and capability to study harder in school as well as to be more attentive and responsive to parents.


Hwar Do teaches students to always strive for excellence. A positive attitude grounded by strong moral values is of prime importance. Such children are better able to avoid and resist drugs, negative peer pressure, and gangs. The children's programs at Kwon's Champion School implement the ability to help your child reach his or her highest potential.



  • Respect family and friends.

  • Maintain a good relationship with family.

  • Strive to achieve my best in school and work.

  • Do all things the right way.

  • No taking drugs or other things that may be harmful to me.

  • I will not fight outside or anywhere.

  • Have courage and honesty in everything I do.

  • Always help people in need.

  • I am training to develop a storng mind and body and to learn the art of self defense


"Since enrolling in Kwon's Champion School, our daughters have exhibited significant advancement in their physical strength and agility, respect for themselves and others, and have shown considerable courage which has enhanced their confidence and leadership skills."



Mr. & Mrs. Wagner


"Since beginning his Hwar Do training in September 2005, my son, Jason, has transformed from an excessively shy and insecure boy into a confident, patient, and stronger individual. Not only has his emotional strength improved but also his physical strength and balance have improved tremendously. Grandmaster Kwon has taught Jason focus which has been his greatest issue thus far. I never thought he would reach this stage of maturity as quickly as he has. This past school year Jason's teacher noticed his focus increased during class and his thirst for knowledge grows every day. I believe he will grow up to be a fine young man."


Melissa Coughlin


*** Recently, Jason was awarded the 2011 Liberty Middle School Faculty Award for demonstrating the highest qualities of leadership, character, and academic achievement.

"Our son, Christian Artz, has been attending your school for just over two years. He has recently been awarded his Black Belt and we are very proud of him. After attending his first few classes we began to notice changes in our son. He was more polite and well mannered and began to show greater self-control and self-confidence. Over the course of the last two years we have witnessed a great transformation in Christian. Kwon's Champion School has provided our son not only increased physical ability but also tremendous mental focus and control which has helped Christian become a much better student. The instruction and leadership provided by your school has helped reinforce what we are teaching Christian at home. Thank you very much for providing such a balanced discipline for our son! "


Brian and Gloria Artz

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Teaching Excellence


Kwon's Champion Schools comprise highly-experienced instructors chosen for their excellence of training and outstanding achievements. They are role models in society who are diligent in their own training. All instructor candidates must first undergo a specialized training course in the art and science of teaching and must pass a rigorous examination. Only then can they be certified as an instructor of Hwar Do.


Our teachers strive to provide a safe and comfortable environment in which students can learn the Right Way of martial arts.


White belt childrens test and principal's speach