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All our after school programs follow Virginia Code of Law (§63.2-1715 H 1905). Make payments to our after school programs and deduct them from your taxes. All our staff is CPR and first aid certified for peace of mind.

Our dedicated instructors are focused on providing an exciting and safe environment for all of our after school students. Our knowledgeable staff is trained in how an efficient and rewarding after school program can help our students achieve success in life.


We strive to help each student grow both physically and mentally. Physically, we develop their strength, balance, coordination, and fitness. Mentally, we instill in them the fundamental values of respect, discipline, self-confidence, positive attitude, and persistence that will help them lead happy and fulfilling lives.


We also teach constructive conflict resolution and how to handle stressful situations. In addition, children are taught to listen attentively to their parents and encouraged to improve academic achievements at school. By the time you pick them up on the way home from work, they're all set to spend some quality time with the family. A normal day includes time to do their homework, snack time, special training, and practice Combination Martial Arts.

Enjoy our after school programs

While self-defense is important, Kwon's Champion School designed its children's programs to instill and

cultivate the following values:

  • Listening better to parents

  • Learning the concentration and patience that will enable them to study better in school

  • Strengthening leadership skills as well as friendships

  • Making good decisions as well as gaining responsibility, confidence, and self-discipline


Tomorrow's leaders are built today. They develop friendship and camaraderie in a cooperative and safe environment while coming to understand the value of teamwork. We believe that conflict resolution and how to handle stressful situations is best taught early in life. Achievement is a goal we are committed to teaching, and students of Kwon's Champion School learn that striving for excellence is a way of life.


Hwar Do training strengthens and develops the student's body. Each child learns the necessity and benefits of respect for self and others. At our school, we strive to develop in our students the desire and capability to study harder in school as well as to be more attentive and responsive to parents.


Hwar Do teaches students to always strive for excellence. A positive attitude grounded by strong moral values is of prime importance. Such children are better able to avoid and resist drugs, negative peer pressure, and gangs. The children's programs at Kwon's Champion School implement the ability to help your child reach his or her highest potential.

  • Respect family and friends.

  • Maintain a good relationship with family.

  • Strive to achieve my best in school and work.

  • Do all things the right way.

  • No taking drugs or other things that may be harmful to me.

  • I will not fight outside or anywhere.

  • Have courage and honesty in everything I do.

  • Always help people in need.

  • I am training to develop a storng mind and body and to learn the art of self defense.


Grandmaster and the Masters, as well as, all teachers and staff are CPR and First Aid Certified to provide the best care possible and repared for any emergencies.

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"Kwon's Champion School was an awesome experience for our two boys this year. They loved the combined after-school program and Hwardo training. Our kids also really liked the friendly instructors that picked them up from school and helped them to finish their homework. It's the best after-school program we've used!"





"My wife and I would like to say that our daughter, Natalie, has been attending both your after school and summer camp program for over three (3) years now and, as a result, has become a daughter we are very proud of. She is now ten (10) years old and has gone past her black belt level of training.


She is much more disciplined, more physically fit and focused. She has excellent grades in school that we don't think would be possible without the martial arts training and discipline she is receiving from your program.


We would recommend the Kwon's Champion School very highly to anyone who would like their child to become more focused and more physically fit and become more disciplined in anything they do in life. The Hwardo training they receive will truly benefit them in many ways. "



Steven Peterson


"We love Kwon's Champion School! My 9 years old daughter sates, "I love the nice people there. I really like how they encourage everyone to do their best and how they clap and say, "Good Job", when you try the techniques. They are awesome! It's the best place to go for martial arts."


As a mother, I love the structure of the program and I appreciate how responsible Master Kwon and his staff are with the children. I don't worry about Sammy's safety while she is in his care. This allows me to concentrate on my job and that is extremely comoforting. If you are looking for a safe, structured, reliable, disciplined and most important FUN place for your child to go, then Kwon's Champion School is the place for you! "


Msgt Margaret E. Perara, USAF


"A friend of mine recommended Kwon's Champion School for my son Sean, and even though we live a little far away I wouldn't take him anywhere else. Sean is very happy here and has improved greatly since he started training. He is more self-confident and disciplined, is better able to focus at school, and listens better to me and my husband at home. Before enrolling him at Kwon's he had difficulty with writing and mathematics, and now he has developed a passion for writing and his math scores are outstanding. The instructors at Kwon's are very kind and attentive toward all the children, which gives me a new-found peace of mind during my workday. Kwon's Champion School has helped not only Sean but my husband and me as well."


Binh-Thu Le

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